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Battosai810's News

Posted by Battosai810 - March 15th, 2015

Hey all, I'm back! I haven't posted here on NG in what seems like forever, but I've been keeping up with new cartoons over on my Youtube page. I thought I'd start bringing some of those cartoons over here, so here's one of my more recent ones: SRM Goes to Nerdcon! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/654707

I was at PAX East last week, and after meeting Tom Fulp and a whole mess of other cool folks I thought it would be pertinent to post my cartoon all about cons and the folks who go to them. 

I'll be posting some more of my stuff over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Posted by Battosai810 - June 6th, 2013

So yeah, I guess it's time for my yearly cartoon. Here's my latest, Some Minecraft Whatever:
Some backstory on it: I can't stand MInecraft cartoons. They all tell the same jokes, have the same punchlines, the same look, and it's all been stale since 2010. I don't really even play the game that much anymore, but thought I could do something interesting with the setting that wasn't hackneyed and boring. I hope you folks enjoy it!

I also uploaded it to Youtube, and if you aren't subscribed to me there, you really should be.

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Finally, I have a new website! www.camtoons.com has artwork, animation, and pictures of models I paint. I don't know how often I'm going to put stuff out here, but look forward to more cartoons in the future!

I'm not dead, and I made a new cartoon!

Posted by Battosai810 - August 27th, 2012

So yeah, I'm not dead. I made a new cartoon, and I posted it here on Newgrounds. Check it out:
I figure one cartoon a year's good enough, right? Anyway, if you're not already subscribed to me on Youtube, you should be. I've been posting Dawn of Awesome cartoons, the occasional little animation here and there, and stuff like demo reels. I also have a tumblr where I post the Warhammer models I paint, but I post cartoon stuff too.

Anyway, stay tuned and I'll be making more cartoons soon. I've got a bunch written, it's just a matter of which one I get to first!

SRM: My Little Hoagie

Posted by Battosai810 - April 12th, 2012

Hey everybody! I'm not actually dead. In fact, I'm actually working on a new SRM cartoon! So, to the three of you who still remember those, look forward to that in the future. I've made a good deal of progress on the actual animation, and it shouldn't take too long as it's only like 2 minutes long.

I've been really active on Tumblr lately, posting pictures of Warhammer stuff I've painted and progress on cartoons and junk. You can check it out here! Of course I've also been posting stuff to my Youtube channel, like new Dawn of Awesome cartoons. I'm already up to number 5! if you're not already subscribed, check out my Youtube channel!

Finally, I also did the artwork for a science fiction novel, Princess Ryan's Star Marines. You can buy it here on Amazon!

Anyway, to wrap this little thing up, you can check out the screenshot from my new SRM toon below! Look for it in the coming months :)

New SRM toon in the works! And I'm not dead!

Posted by Battosai810 - August 11th, 2011

I've been hinting at a new toon for about 3 months now, but I finally finished my new cartoon! Here it is:
SRM Needs a Roommate!

I worked on it for about 3 months, from storyboards to finished product and I'm super proud of it. Very few people on Newgrounds do proper frame by frame and it really bums me out, so I hope somebody will give this toon a look instead of some mindless symbol-based Madness ripoff. I made all the sound myself, while my buddy Alex did the original score. You can check out his website here; http://radionarcotix.com/

I hope you guys enjoy this; I've got a few other SRM cartoons in the scribble stage right now, and I'll post about them as more gets done. Also, I've got a website you can check out now: http://campbellmclaughlin2d.com/

Hope you folks enjoy the toon!

SRM Needs a Roommate is finally here!

Posted by Battosai810 - May 23rd, 2011

Hey everybody, haven't written here in like 4 months on account of having nothing new to post. I just started my last semester of college, so I've obviously been very busy. However, this isn't preventing me from making horrible, horrible spam like this:

In actual news, I'm working on my newest SRM cartoon for a studio class! I've attached the first page of the storyboard for kicks. I'm not going to be posting a week after week after week progress dealie like I did with my last cartoon, but you might see something of it before it's done in August. Good animation takes time, unfortunately.

Anyway, just letting the handful of people who still follow me here know that I'm not dead and that I'm actually working on something.

New SRM cartoon on the way!

Posted by Battosai810 - January 21st, 2011

Yes, yes ,yes yes, yesyey seysey sey seyyesysy

I guess I better make that Duke Nukem cartoon I've been wanting to make.


Posted by Battosai810 - January 8th, 2011

Hey everybody, hope your holidays were as good as mine!

I'm glad my last cartoon, SRM Rock Guitar Band Hero did pretty well. It's been a long time since I made a cartoon here that did well, and even longer since I made one I can actually stand ([Prototype] I'm looking at you) Both classes I submitted it for gave me an A for the toon, so good news all around on that one.

I'm in the home stretch of college - split my last semester up into two so I don't get massacred by work next semester. Hopefully this means I can take things easier and get more time to make cartoons for fun, but no promises. I have a team production class this semester, so I'll have at least one cartoon out by April. It'll be my first time collaborating with other people since SRM: The Last Soda back in '09. As for SRM toons, I have some ideas stewing around with SRM and Duke Nukem Forever. Not doing the straight up parody thing, but think of it being as related as Fallout 3 was to Fallout 3: Mel's Addiction. I'm not really in the straight up parody racket anymore since that pretty much always boils to "X isn't like real life hurr hurr" and other boring jokes that Tim Buckley would be proud of.

Anyway, to make sure I've reached my required million plugs of my own cartoons, I want to bring up SRMClock. My wonderful girlfriend made me an actual factual functioning SRMClock for Christmas, and he's totally boss:

Happy belated new year, SRM tidbits

Posted by Battosai810 - December 13th, 2010

Hey everybody! It's finally finished! SRM Rock Guitar Band Hero is a go!

I started this cartoon back in September for my studio class. We had the last 14 weeks to work on and polish our animations, and I'm super duper proud of how it came out. Some people might say "It took you 14 weeks to make that!?" but forget that that's just work for one class, and I'm taking a full courseload. Either way, I'm really happy with how the cartoon came out and I hope you folks enjoy it. It's been a year since I released my last SRM toon, the SRM Star Wars Holiday Special which not many people saw, unsurprisingly. I've come a long way in frame by frame animation in the year since that toon, so it might be worth watching just to check it out.

As some of you may have seen (probably none of you who am I kidding) I've been uploading progress on This toon since September up on Youtube. Here's the animatic that started it all:

/* */
While you're at it, you can subscribe to my channel on Youtube!

Anyway, now that this is done I've got new projects to look forward to. I have a short semi-educational piece I'm throwing together for a science class I might just post here for giggles, and some other more broad ideas to play with. One has to do with a duke that we've been waiting forever to see, but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, enjoy the toon and tell me what you think of it!

New SRM toon! Rock Guitar Band Hero!

Posted by Battosai810 - November 29th, 2010

So after goading my buddy Dave, I finally got him to release Marshmallow Squad 6. I did a special 3D segment in the cartoon, some music consulting, and regularly haggled him to make this wonderful, terrible cartoon. It's been done for like 6 months, but I managed to get him to upload it tonight. Anyway, go watch it and forget that he made it, then accuse me of making a terrible cartoon. Wouldn't be the first time.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, my studio project is coming along. Here's the latest iteration, with some color on them backgrounds. About 90% of the animation is done:

/* */
Since I finished this, I've done a bunch of characters for the crowd scene who look pretty awesome, colored the club establishing shot, and fixed a tangent with the Llama along with animation. Anyway, here's a screenshot for kicks:

SRM toon almost done, and guest work!